Medical Claims Management Services

Mascon processes more than high volumes of medical claim forms each day, comprising of UB92, UB04, EoB’s and HCFA Form 1500.
We process claims with a turnaround time of 24 hours, with 99.995% level of accuracy.
The unique combination of trained data capture operators and IT infrastructure helps us to handle the healthcare claim forms consistently. Our vast experience in expediting and automating the processing cycle of health claim forms helps our clients to improve efficiency and productivity.
The whole process is made simple for you. Once your scanned images are received by us, we use a variety of automated techniques for capturing data. Whether the data is printed or handwritten, Mascon uses unique methods to ensure quality and accuracy. The captured data is then uploaded as per the client's requirement.

With Mascon, you can:

  • Stay in Control
  • Increase Medical Claims Accuracy
  • Get the data back within 24 hours
  • Save money and
  • Ensure data security

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