Software Solution

ITvia Data Solutions specializes in the development and maintenance of world-class enterprise and web-based applications. We service companies of all sizes and across all industries including Publishing, Hospital Management, Travel Industry, Insurance, and Logistics. We are capable of serving companies with multiple locations with varying business and technical requirements.
We are currently in business with: Companies who are looking to outsource full or part IT projects. Start-ups, small and medium-sized companies for Joint Ventures in IT projects Industries looking for Client/Server Applications, Web and eCommerce Maintenance and product customization.

Why ITvia Data Solutions?

India generates more IT graduates than any other country in the world. It thus has a large population of highly qualified IT professionals providing an unlimited access to the best talent available. While we can work on-site, the speed and availability of the Internet enables our Company to extend its geographical reach and put its talents to test wherever they are needed most. This level of remote development and support enables the clients to achieve tremendous savings in time and money.

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