E-Commerce Services

Primary under e-commerce back office services we work for creating, managing and auditing the advertising content that may be weekly or daily deals along with coupons which are directly published on shopping sites.(For e.g. Kohls.com, Walmart.com, DSG.com, Walgreen.com etc)

We have created and audited content for almost all shopping giants under all categories. (For e.g. Bed and Bath, Canadian Tire, Publix, Staples)

Secondary part under content management is auditing and proofing. We have our QA Analyst do audits over content listings entered by another sites. Proofing is conducted on in house processed content entry.

Our Internet Research Expertise

  • Listing Creation.

  • Image Extracting.

  • Publishing for Quality.

  • Proofing /auditing process.

  • Publishing on Websites.

  • Turn Around Time (TAT) for this process is 24 hours.

Advertising & Media Creation

Advertising is the heart of the digital experience – whether that's a website, a display ad, a social media post or an email marketing campaign. It's how your brand talks to customers and how they learn about your products and services. It connects your business with this audience and nurtures them to the sale – before finally closing the deal and retaining them for another. Content can be informational, funny, inspiring or persuasive. But most importantly, it needs to align with your business goals and digital strategy.

From researching topics and audience data to production and publication, creating great content needs specialist skills across strategy, analysis, creative, outreach and development.

Our experienced advertisers and content creaters work directly with you, the expert, to deliver on high quality content that communicates with ideal customers.

We develop the right tone, voice and style for your brand and focus on the areas that will deliver the highest ROI for your business. And our process means content is thoroughly proofed and edited in-house.

The result is quality copy and content that represents your business – and delivers results.