Education Technology Services

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Introduction to Education Tech Industry

This combines the power of technology and educational practices to ensure effective learning and teaching experience. By 2028, the education tech market size is expected to reach nearly USD 380 billion. Online courses, e-learning, content management systems, virtual classrooms, mobile learning — these trends are rapidly conquering the market.

Academic & School Software

Academic software allows educators to manage the learning process and evaluate performance. Most educational institutes are already on their way to enhancing the learning experience. Oxford Brookes University, for example, uses more than 200 academic software types. The University of Cambridge also offers its students different kinds of software, along with the opportunity for support.

Business Training Software

Business training software is used by companies to manage employee training and education. It facilitates growth and increases employees’ professional competence. Moreover, business training software gives you the tools to control and evaluate the effectiveness of training. Such famous companies as Amazon or Schneider Electric have already made business training software a part of their growth strategy.

Self-Education Software

We are now on the verge of meeting a new, hybrid form of education that combines both offline and online tools and methods. Self-education software allows students to manage their learning processes independently, while teachers get the chance to facilitate students’ learning. Self-education software gives users a variety of learning opportunities, from language learning apps to resource management systems.

Online School Database Management System

Our online database template provides Schools, Language Courses and other Educational Organizations with centralized searchable environment for storing, organizing and sharing information about Students, Grade Levels, Fees and Payment Transactions. Instead of adapting your business process to the tools you can adapt the tools to fit the processes you use in a daily basis. IDS gives you the flexibility you need without adding an extra level of complexity.

Start from one of the predefined database template or build your database from scratch. After that remove everything you don’t need and add the missing functionality. Adjust your database as your business grows.

The Online database runs and is accessible in the cloud on secure servers, so you don’t have to mess with anything technical. The system runs on a PC, Mac, iPhone/iPad, Android and Windows Phone through a web browser.