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Engagement Models

Itvia Data Solutions Engagement Model’s offer clients the freedom to choose the appropriate model, as per their requirement, which helps in assessing risks and assists smooth process flow. Depending on the Project type, complications and timelines, our clients can choose from the following engagement models below or utilize a combination of them as per the various project phases.

Fixed Pricing Model

This model is most appropriate when project requirements as well as its scope and specifications are clear and transparent. Though this is a comparatively low risk option however it requires in depth groundwork in the design phase and meticulous analyses.

We offer pricing in accordance to the project, considering all options thus assuring our clients of the best output from the dedicated resources. Our efficient project and team management ensures timely delivery of projects considering the required budget and specifications

Effort Based Pricing Model

In this particular model, the cost is fixed considering the total amount of time and resources required for project execution and delivery. This model is appropriate for complex projects involving several 3rd party teams as also when project designs and specifications are bound to change during the development process. This model enhances flexibility during the process but also assures perfection in the overall output.