Software Development

IDS offer customized and high-end services in Application Development; Software Design, Designing Software, Software Engineering, Software Application Development, Enterprise Application Development, Platform Development in a planned and structured way process.

Our developed software’s are produced for a variety of purposes, the most common being to meet specific needs of a your business, to meet a perceived need of some set of potential users (the case with commercial and open source software), or for personal use (e.g. a doctor may need a software developed to automate a mundane task (patient bills or appointments) etc.

Our Software Development team had decades of experience and expertise to develop part or your entire software product. Efficient communication and timely deliveries along with 24/7 support and affordable maintainence are some of our salient features which can be availed globally.

Customized Development

Projects suitable for Outsourcing Software Development

  • Maintenance work
  • System management
  • Developing & Replacing existing applications
  • System verification
  • Add-on’s to existing applications
  • Creating Large completely new applications
  • Building Technical Systems
  • Providing Technical Solutions
  • Automate Present Operations

There is a broad spectrum of software development services; some of which are listed below.

  • XML Web Development
  • Java Development Services
  • Microsoft .Net Development
  • Android & iPhone Application Development
  • DBMS Development
  • Custom Programming Services
  • ASP Development
  • PHP Development
  • Flash Development
  • Software Product
  • B2B Portal Development

Implementation & Deployment

The key benefits to offshore your software development to us and reasons it has become increasingly popular are:

Affordable Cost :Typically the hourly rates for in India are much lower compared to equal skills of a professional anywhere else in the world.

Speed :The supply of skilled professional at an IDS is large enough that one can get all the manpower needed at all times.

Expertise :Often a company may have a very clear idea about the market or have specific technological expertise, but lack the experience and expertise to implement a specific software project. This expertise can be easily found by using our services.

Affordable Cost :Typically the hourly rates for in India are much lower compared to equal skills of a professional anywhere else in the world.

Software Development Outsourcing Lifecycle

System/Information Engineering and Modeling

  • System is the basic and very critical requirement for the existence of software in any entity.
  • Work begins by establishing the requirements for all system elements and then allocating some subset of these requirements to software.
  • This system view is essential when the software must interface with other elements such as hardware, people and other resources.

Software Requirement Analysis (Quote & Effort)

  • This process is also known as feasibility study. The need for possible software automation in the given system is investigated.
  • A document holds the different specific recommendations for the system is furnished. It also includes the personnel assignments, quotes & costs, project schedule, target dates.

System Analysis and Mock-Up Model Design

  • Here, the software development process, the software's overall structure and its nuances are defined. A software Mock-Up model is designed.
  • Analysis and Design are very crucial in the whole development cycle. Any glitch in the design phase could be very expensive to solve in the later stage of the software development.

System Integration

Software Creation & Code Generation

  • The design must be translated into a machine-readable form. The code generation step performs this task.
  • Programming tools like compilers, interpreters, debuggers etc. are used to generate the code.
  • Different high level programming languages like C, C++, Pascal, Java, .Net , Python are used for coding. With respect to the type of application, the right programming language is chosen.


  • Once the code is generated, the software program testing begins. Different testing tools and methodologies are already available.
  • In-house testing tools that are tailor made for development operations are used.


  • The software will definitely undergo change once it is delivered to the Customer. Change could happen because of some unexpected input values into the system.
  • n addition, the changes in the system could directly affect the software operations.