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IDS - Quality Control Measures


IDS’s Quality Policy outlines the Quality Checking policy for usage & implementation by teams working on various projects related to data capture, conversion and any other such projects which might be taken up by ITvia Data Solutions in future.

The policy will act as a set of guidelines for teams to develop and put into practice various quality checking measures for all projects that are executed by IDS excluding those which are part of the non-core activities of the company.

This page only highlights guiding principles for Quality Checking & in no terms spell out the exact nature of quality checking procedures that are required to be followed for individual projects. Project specific quality checking procedures are required to be drafted & approved based upon the guiding principles mentioned herein.


This policy is applicable to all concerned teams & individuals working on various projects related to core activities of ITvia Data Solutions. Quality team will be the primary audience of this document as there’s will be the team which will be actively involved in various quality checking projects.

Further this policy will be applicable to all those teams, apart from Quality team, which will be primarily responsible for delivering quality service/product to the clients. This will be applicable especially in projects where the clients have not requested for explicit quality checking methodologies and quality team is not involved in any of the process related to the project

Policy Guidelines:

  • The guidelines mentioned herein are based on broad basis explaining the ground principle that can be followed while drafting & finalizing a quality checking procedure for projects.

  • Quality being core to our business activities, all services delivered by us should adhere to certain level of quality standards which are mutually accepted by clients & internal Process delivery team.

  • To ensure that such mutually accepted quality standards are met at all times, the internal Process delivery team will formulate appropriate Quality Checking procedures.

  • These quality checking procedures will be drawn based upon the parameters set by the clients via projects specs &/or any other such documents/instructions.

  • Such procedures should ensure that the end product which is to be delivered the client is according to the specs provided & are adhering to the acceptable Quality standards.

  • The procedures will highlight in details all the various actions and steps required to becarried out by all concerned.

  • All such procedures set, will also ensure to incorporate proper transaction recording system wherein the end results of all instances of concerned process execution are recorded in proper form & manner.


The core value of our business being built around Quality, there will be no exceptional subject matters for this policy.


This policy currently draws no reference to any other policy or reference material. As such it is possible for this policy to draw references in future versions.


The Operations Head of the company is the issuing authority of this policy & by virtue of this authority will have all the rights to allow or disallow any changes, alteration, omissions &/or inclusions in this policy document. The responsibility of fulfilling the adherence to the spirit of this policy will rest with any such person or authority as deemed fit by the Management Team. Head-Operations being such authority in present scenario.