Staffing & Recruitment

Over the past couple of years IDS has established itself as one of the top Tech/IT recruitment and staffing agencies in India. With Honesty, Innovation and Quality being one of our core principals of recruitment success. Our expert recruiters and senior managers have the knowledge and the expertise to understand all of your hiring needs and source the right candidates from the industry. Our expert and trained teams have sound IT and Tech knowledge and experience source the right-match candidates so that you don’t waste time screening and interviewing irrelevant profiles.

We specialize in on-boarding highly skilled IT/Tech professionals for entry, middle to senior level positions. Our focus is on saving management time for our clients by ensuring a stringent pre-screening process prior to sharing profiles. A profile success rate of 70% is testimony to our focus on quality.

Our 90 day replacement guarantee de-risks you from wrong hires. Our payment terms also ensure that you pay only after you onboard the talent. We work with very select clients so that we can walk that extra mile for our clients and ensure high level of trust and ethical conduct.

IDS proven Staffing Strategy that includes:

  • HR Planning

  • Recruiting

  • Selection

  • Employment

  • Retention

  • Turn Around Time (TAT) for this process is 24 hours.

IDS’ Flexible Staffing Strategy

Integrating staff into your business is a savvy way to leverage niche talent outside your market, contain operation costs and attract exceptional workers looking for flexibility. Employers need staffing solutions to hire, onboard and manage remote workers successfully.

Staffing Support

You don’t just need quality talent; you need engaged professionals focused on your goals. Our experts know how to maintain quality standards when sourcing, screening and onboarding remote talent. We work closely with you to understand your situation and advise you on how to build the optimal remote workforce.

From recruiting and interviewing through screening and onboarding, we’ve helped employers nationally & globally put top talent to work in remote positions.


  • The skill to provide these services has come with years of hands on experience and dealing with government and commercial payers on a daily basis. They also leverage their existing relationships to get your practice paid faster.


  • We facilitate in-depth interviews to assess talent against your requirements and identify candidates who will succeed in your environment. We can host meetings using Google Meet and Microsoft Teams platforms and advise you on how to connect with candidates in an engaging way that allows you to evaluate skill and culture fit.


  • Part of building a high-performance workforce is making your team members feel included. In addition to supporting compliant screening, processes and procedures, we partner with you to craft a thoughtful onboarding process that prepares talent to work productively on Day 1.

Flexible Staffing Solutions

From finding highly specialized professionals to meeting to high-volume needs, difficult problems require agile solutions. IDS can advise on and deliver customized support tailored to your situation.

We partner with you to identify and deploy the right staffing model to meet project goals or build your ideal team. Whether you need support for surge demands or on-premise help to manage your contingent program, we have a track record of helping customers manage complex challenges. Our staffing experts are ready to consult on the best approach to building, maintaining and optimizing your contingent workforce, allowing you to maximize value.